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About the Background Screen

Will I be required to provide my social security number?
Yes, your social security number (SSN) is a unique identifier necessary to conduct a thorough and accurate search. Providing your SSN prevents erroneous information from appearing on your completed background screen report.

Background Investigation Bureau (BIB) follows strict privacy and data security policies for safeguarding personal information. For further detail, please review our Privacy Statement and Data Security Statement.

What sources are used to generate the information found in a background screen?
Information is pulled from various sources including but not limited to law enforcement agencies and criminal courts.

What searches are included in a background screen?
All organizations' background screening requests may vary; however, none will be performed without your consent. With that being said, a basic search in most background screens includes county level criminal record searches which may include traffic, misdemeanor, and felony convictions. There are also cases where driving or motor vehicle records are included.

Also, every state has its own statutes governing what information can be reported on a background screen. BIB reports only the information deemed reportable by local, state, and federal law.

Additionally, the type of role you are applying for may require a credit check as part of the background screening process.

Is the information I submit secure?
Yes, BIB adheres to all federal and state laws regarding data security and privacy. For a full description of our policies please review our Privacy Statement and Data Security Statement.

How far back in my history does the background screen cover?
Background screens go as far back as reportable by law; as a result, report length will vary depending on the applicant.

Will I receive a copy of my background screen?
Applicants who do not receive approval based on the background screen results automatically receive a copy of their report. However, if you are approved, you may request a copy of your report.

Can I dispute information found on my background screen?
There are multiple ways a dispute can be submitted. You can visit our online dispute resolution center to submit a dispute, or if you prefer to dispute your report directly with a Dispute Resolution Partner, please contact us at [email protected]. If a submitted dispute is verified, your report it will be resubmitted to the organization for review.

About the Application

What information is required for the application form?
Every field in the application form is required to quickly and accurately complete your background screen. Specifically, your full name, current address, date of birth (DOB), social security number (SSN), and email address are required. Your email address will be used to communicate information regarding your background screen. When applicable, you will also be asked to submit why and where you would like to volunteer.
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What is the timeframe for expecting Background Screen results?
After your application for screening has been received, typical turnaround time for results is 2 business days. If your application is related to volunteering and your organization offers ID Cards, you should receive your card via mail within 10 business days of your approved application.
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What type of violations may preclude me from approval?
Please refer to your organization's policy, as every organization has a specific set of restrictions and policies. Additionally, state and city laws also differ. If you have specific questions regarding a violation, please contact your organization.
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If I paid for my screen out-of-pocket and am not approved, will I get a refund?
No, refunds are not issued based on non-approval.
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About the Card

When will I receive my card?
Cards are provided to only those volunteer applicants who have been approved by their organization. After approval is given, cards should be received within 10 business days of your application submission. If you have not received your card within this time-frame either select the Need Help button at the top right corner of this page or please contact us at [email protected].
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How do I use my card?
Every organization has specific policies regarding use of their ID cards. We do advise for you to carry it along with a government issued ID during your time on the organization's property as well as attending any activities related to your organization.
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About BIB

BIB offers background screening with integrity. We screen, test and verify the backgrounds of your employees and volunteers. Clients love our responsive service and how we accelerate their speed to hire while reducing their costs. With BIB, you get reliable results and easy technology. We're good at what matters and have been since 1995. BIB is a founding member of and accredited by NAPBS and a member of ASA, NRPA, NACBA, SHRM and AASPA.

Contact us:
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